Morning mood booster plan!

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Morning mood booster plan!

Morning mood booster plan

IM BACK! After a bit of thinking I’ve decided that just by altering a few things we can totally fix this!

No more snooze

When that alarms goes off, you must strike a pose! Open those eyes rise and shine baby!

Put the phone down!

No Insta, No Facebook and definitely NO dating sites! This time is better spent with me! Quality me time ;) if you get what I mean.

Any clothes on the ground must go in the bin!

This will evidently clean your room, cull your wardrobe, help choose today’s baben outfit and teach a few warriors a good lesson about being tidy! Imagine them throwing out their fave designer tee haha 

Breakfast must be undertaken seated

NO brekkie on the go! Sit down at the breakfast bar with a nice coffee and read a trashy mag about someone else’s drama. This will make you feel so much better about yourself!

5 minutes education

Spend 5 minutes learning something new! Might be a meaning of word, might be a brand new word or maybe even the capital of a country.

10 minutes puppy loving

Must spend a solid 10 minutes playing with your pooch, rolling around on the ground! This is kinda like free therapy!

Listen to music in the shower

Transform into Adele and hit those high notes. This will give you that extra kick you need to start your day!

Put the coffee down

Try tea, herbal tea for that matter! Tea will help you hydrate your body and help you last the day!

Finally -Declare love, Expose love!

For this step you are allowed to pick up your phone but only for a selfie! Take a cheeky snap with me either once you’re dolled up for work or during our cheeky time.


Now you're all set to tackle the day! 

Lots of Love 


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