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Got an annoyingly catchy tune in your head? Great! Want the antidote? Charcoal! Okay, so it doesn’t necessarily heal repetitive tunes in your brain but reading about activated coconut charcoals’ benefits sure does!


A beaming smile from ear-to-ear sounds pretty great, right? Well, activated charcoal might throw some off due to the effects of looking like a toothless pirate mid-use, but rest assured as with everything Warpaint does, there’s been conscious efforts, hard work & organic-loving advocates discovering how beneficial charcoal is to not just your teeth, but the whole human body.


  1. It gives a good excuse to have a yarn

Sit down for a minute with your nan & pop and chances are they’ll probably have a good tale to tell about using charcoal back in their day. Times then were more focused on natural remedies and more often than not, they worked! This ebony-beauty was basically the bees-knees back then.


  1. We like the Earth and we bet you do, too!

The importance of being environmentally friendly & sustainable isn’t lost on us. In a world so busy evolving, Warpaint and it’s warriors are focused on ensuring only beneficial results but while doing so with only naturally-derived ingredients. Activated Coconut Charcoal is one of them. Most commonly, it’s also used for water purification & filtration, particularly in countries where clean water isn’t a luxury. How cool is that!?


  1. You’ll be marvelling at its medical miracles

We see you rubbing your eyes in disbelief & doubt. Used for modern day medicine? Heck yes! It’s heated with the presence of oxygen that develops pores to help trap & prevent nasty chemicals ingested from being absorbed and amazingly, is still a favoured emergency relief used by ER’s, worldwide.


  1. Un-doing of your really, really enjoyable sins!

Tea, coffee, red wine, whatever be your vice this bad boy is going to help you recover from those poor, but not at all regretted dinner & drink choices. Not only will this powdery godsend be busy polishing up your ivory pearls, it’ll also be promoting good oral health by changing the pH balance in your mouth, helping prevent cavities, bad breathe and gum disease.


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