1. What is WARPAINT®?
  2. Is WARPAINT® FDA registered?
  3. Where is WARPAINT® manufactured?
  4. How soon should I expect my order to arrive?
  5. So what’s in WARPAINT®?
  6. Is WARPAINT® safe for my enamel?
  7. How do I use WARPAINT®?
  8. How often can I use it?
  9. Do I brush my teeth with normal toothpaste as well?
  10. Can my kids use WARPAINT®?
  11. I have very sensitive teeth/gums, can I use WARPAINT®?
  12. I have braces. Can I use it?
  13. I have dental work done. Can I use it?
  14. I am pregnant. Can I use it?
  15. How soon can I see results?
  16. Can I use WARPAINT® for Oil Pulling?
  17. Is WARPAINT® tested on animals?
  18. Is WARPAINT® packaging environmentally friendly?
  19. Does it stain my clothes?
  20. Can I just buy activated charcoal for a cheaper option?
  21. How do I become a stockist?

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