Meet Petra!

Founder and Global CEO of WARPAINT

My Journey with WARPAINT

As a single mother and at the age of 54, I decided to embark on a new career direction and created an innovative product that provides a natural, toxic-free and healthy alternative to traditional teeth whitening products.

The product is entirely natural, uses ingredients sourced within Australia and leaves no environmental footprint. 

I have always been passionate about natural therapies, health, fitness and wellbeing. Now my focus is creating natural products that deliver real results.

I was inspired when both of my daughters got their braces off and were left with stained teeth. I gave them this no-name black powder to brush their teeth with and the results were incredible. All of my research led to inventing a unique formulation based on native recipes and techniques for oral care used by indigenous cultures.

We have too many chemical based teeth whitening products on the market, which are uncomfortable and even painful to use. As their mum, I steered away from these harmful products and wanted something natural to clean, polish and whiten their teeth. My teens used this messy powder on and off but it was only years later that my daughters encouraged me to release it to the market - and voila WARPAINT® was made official!! With their patience and persistence on my behalf, I began to learn all about social media and in 2016 I was privileged enough to receive the International Woman’s Day Leadership Award for Business and Innovation.  

Today WARPAINT® has established itself as the global industry leader in natural teeth whitening. We sell to over 80 countries and our resellers range from Dentists, Health Food Stores, Vegan Shops, Beauty Salons plus on and offline unique curated stores.

We pride ourselves on being a company with high ethical standards regarding product and business and receive daily emails of great appreciation and love from our happy customers. 

WARPAINT® is certified from Safe Cosmetics Australia, received the Australian Toxic Free Tick and has won several International Awards in the Beauty and Grooming categories.

I am so proud of my little product and find great joy in sharing it with the world. The team and I would love nothing more than for you to be a part of the action and we encourage you all to become a #warpaintwarrior!

Petra Konig


Meet the Team

Petra Konig

Founder / Global CEO

.Cooking Queen. Passionate. Perfectionist.


Tara Mühlenbeck

General Manager / Youngest Daughter

.Adventurer. Foodie. Dog Lover.


Pia Muehlenbeck

Ambassador / Oldest Daughter

.Sun Obsessed. Chocolate Lover. Harry Potter Enthusiast.


Christina Cunnard

Warehouse Manger

.Photo Hater. Organising Queen. Grandchildren Crazy.