How to snap the perfect CHEESE!

  • By Angela Kyle

How to snap the perfect CHEESE!



On a day-to-day basis I get to sneak into the bathrooms of all my baben warriors for a selfie! I’m sure the earth’s supply of the male gender is totally jealous right now. What I have began to realise is that the perfect selfie is hard yakka, like literally my babes are balancing on their big toe just to get a glimpse of the right light from the window above! Sure their balance game is strong but it really isn’t necessary!

My warriors are all beautiful no matter where the sun is sitting and the only light concerning me is the light shining within them! However I know you’re not all convinced, so I have a sneaky cheat sheet for the perfect WARPAINT Pose!

Step 1:
Get prepared to get messy! Naked is ideal but because I’m a modest guy, I’m just going to say that your expensive designer top isn’t welcome, maybe a bathrobe?

Step 2:
Dip your super soft toothbrush into me! Then open your month and let me in.

Step 3:
No rough play! Treat me gently! Softly brush your teethy pegs until you feel extra dirty!

Step 4:
Reach for your phone! Strike a cheeky pose, but no nudy that’s only for me to see. Now Reverse camera on and say CHEEEEEESE! Gosh I love selfie, don’t you?   

Step 5:
Wash me! Rinse me out of your mouth several times! Oh and clean me off your basin, probs off your phone and off your mirror! We are so cheeky, getting this dirty!

Step 6:
Social time! Okay now we need to expose ourselves! Just pretend we’re Kimmy K and leak it online, never know our luck we might become twice as famous! Make sure you hashtag #armedwithwarpaint and #warpaintwarriors.


Know we have that sorted, lets get dirty





 Marketing Manager 
Angela Kyle 

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