Date night with WARPAINT

  • By Angela Kyle

Date night with WARPAINT



Perhaps you’ve heard about me, or maybe you've seen a cheeky photo of one of my WARPAINT Warriors with a dirty smile. Don’t get jealous, I share my love.

Like all good stories, I start with getting dirty, however since it’s only our first date, lets take it slow and get to know each other.

I have many positive attributes, however my best feature would have to be that I’m made up of activated coconut shell charcoal. This allows me to strengthen gums, remove toxins from mouths and most importantly my hint of sweet orange peel helps to remove those cheeky coffee stains. I also absorb heavy metals and remineralise with bentonite clay!

Just incase I’m struggling to impress you; I thought I would let you know that my trace of organic peppermint reduces infections and inflammations. Oh I nearly forgot to mention that my dash of organic lemon myrtle fights bacteria and boosts immune systems.

BTW it’s been trialed that my fresh zesty smell will have you back on a second date. Don’t fight it; I’m your destiny!

People tell me that I’m a social person- I suppose they’re right I LOVE collaborating and my album of WARPAINT Warriors defiantly proves that!

If you have any snaps of me and your cheeky smile please post and tag @armedwithwarpaint and #armedwithwarpaint and #warpaintwarrior. I have a spectacular album, but I love to build on it daily.

P.S-   If you haven’t yet met me in person and you’re an Insta Queen/King and love to take a killer selfie email my team with your deets at marketing@warpaintnaturalteethwhitener.com.

Next time, lets get dirty ;)





 Marketing Manager 
Angela Kyle 


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