Lemon Myrtle- Do you have superpowers?

  • By Angela Kyle

Lemon Myrtle- Do you have superpowers?



Guess who?

Who has a citrusy aroma, is extremely pleasant and extra soothing? DUH ME! One of my ingredients is organic lemon myrtle and I bet you have no idea about all of its benefits!

In most cases lemon myrtle is used as a food enhancer in a range of different dishes like curries, stir-fry and salads. However in my case lemon myrtle is used to help fight off various infections.

Today I have my smartie pants on and going to tell you the real secret behind lemon myrtle! They say Beyoncé wasn’t made overnight, but I’m telling you lemon myrtle has that many benefits that I wouldn’t be surprise if you wake up singing ‘Single Ladies’.


Sinus problems:

If you are struggling with the whole runny nose, watery eye, sneezing fits then lemon myrtle might be your saving grace. This is because lemon myrtle has inflammatory properties that help to reduce inflammation of the nasal passage. Technically I’m only a teeth expert but babe this sounds like a remedy that will let you kiss your problems goodbye.

Sore throat:

Ran down feels, accompanied with sore throat scratch! Lemon myrtle you superhero, can’t believe your antibacterial properties help in treating sore throats! I’ve also heard that by adding a splash of honey works an absolute treat!


When you say the word myrrrrrrrtle do you feel relax! Of course you do, because lemon myrtle is a stress reliever. It provides a calming affect by inducing better sleep, promotes zen vibes and helps with positive thoughts. Positive thoughts like getting dirty with me!


Casually walking down the road, sudden yelp, skip and hop and you my friend have an involuntary muscle contraction (aka a cramp! LOL). The crazy chemicals found within lemon myrtle help the muscles to take a chill pill and relax, thus reducing the cramp significantly.

Insect bites:

Not only does lemon myrtle reduce inflammation in bites but it can also be used as an insect repellant because of its strong aroma.

As I said early remember I’m not a doctor, I’m just a super cheeky teeth whitener that knows a lot! However I personally suggest that you consult with your Doc, his the profess in the fixing department!


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Angela Kyle 

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