BRB busy eating, somebody else doing the talking!

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BRB busy eating, somebody else doing the talking!

Companies can preach on & on about how beneficial their product is going to be for you. It kind of becomes drier & more disheartening than a loaf of bread you’ve left out for too long. So, we don’t want to chat too much today. Take a geez at what our Warpaint Warriors have to say instead about us instead.


‘Does what it says!’

Awesome teeth whitener. Been using it for 3 weeks now it has made a difference! Easy to use and my teeth feel so clean after each use there is also no taste at all and you get a lot of product as you don't use much each use so it will last!’ - Jazzmin9


‘Pearly Whites’

When I spotted this in the recent beauty vault I had to give it ago, and man what a huge difference it has made. I have no coffee stains left on my teeth! In just the first brush it made such a significant difference to my teeth. In the 2 weeks I have been using it the stains have gone and my teeth have progressively been getting whiter. - Amyxxoo


‘I look like a pirate...but I like it’

Ok, I really don't get how a mouth full of charcoal can whiten your teeth, but it does. It really does.

Packaging - Simple black pot. It's sleek and it intrigues the males I've found. Maybe it's the name, I don't know, but I've had the husband, the brother and the brother in law march out the bathroom asking me about it..- Mamacita


So, if some of those goodies aren’t good enough for you. Check out more of reviews here. Before you know, your wrist has grown a mind of it’s own and you’ll have added one of these beauties to your basket, without even realising you clicked ‘ok’.


Kaitlyn Smith

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