Beam your way through the day!

  • By Warpaint Admin

Beam your way through the day!

Whether your day’s proceeding to be good or bad, there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to always change your tune in a matter of seconds, literally. A genuine, beaming smile from someone you love or, even better, a kind stranger you pass on the street.

Smiles are scientifically proven to

  • Be infectious to others
  • Boost your mood
  • Relieve stress
  • Attract good energy

And if you’re super lucky, be followed by a fit of laughter surrounded by some of your best mates. There’s no denying science, people! 

So, the real question is why wouldn’t you be doing your best to keep those chompers pearly white & healthy, naturally? After all, fewer muscles are used smiling than frowning. Also, the bonus of being surrounded by people always smiling isn’t exactly the worst thing.

We’re not trying to convince you of anything, we just want to be your pal. Someone you can always rely on & be your ride or die go-to for a happiness inducing, teeth whitening, perfect-smile-creating utopia where you’ll be looking good and feeling better.

You’ll have your smile-stunned receivers pleading for your pearly whites secret! So, be your own warrior with Warpaint, share the love and tackle your day head on with your most beautiful smile yet.

Kaitlyn Smith

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