Wholesale Packs - WARPAINT® Natural Teeth Whitener

By Warpaint - Natural Teeth Whitener

25 x WARPAINT at $21.99 each

50 x WARPAINT at $16.99 each
250 x WARPAINT at $14.99 each
POS Stand - high quality 4-tiered clear acrylic display stand. A must for stockists who want to display their WARPAINT®! 
Flyer sold in 50 pack at $0.30c each


For the customer: 1 tub = 150 uses, approximately 3 months use.

WARPAINT® takes a holistic approach to oral health without any nasty chemicals or additives. With carefully selected 100% natural ingredients, WARPAINT® whitens and polishes teeth, strengthens enamel and detoxifies your mouth.

For instructions on how to use WARPAINT® see our instructional guide.

Shipping cost:
25 Pack $29
50 Pack $49 
250 Pack $129
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