How to use

How do I use it?

Dip a clean, wet toothbrush into the WARPAINT, brush your teeth in small, gentle circles for 2 minutes. Try to keep your lips closed while brushing (it gets messy!), spit carefully and rinse really well. Use as often as needed and enjoy your brighter smile!

How long do I brush my teeth for? 

Gently brush for 2 Minutes, for extra whitening power you can leave it in your mouth for another few minutes before rinsing well.

How often can I use it? 

Use as often as needed. Everyday if you like!!

How much do I use? 

Very little, only cover the tips of your wet toothbrush bristles.

Can my kids use it? 

Yes, Warpaint is safe for kids of all ages. At what age they start is at the discretion of their parents.

I have very sensitive teeth/gums, can I use it?

Yes, Warpaint is non-irritating, use a soft bristle toothbrush.  

I have braces. Can I use it?

Wait until the braces come off because it won't whiten underneath the braces. But as soon as they come off give it a go, our users have great results.

I have dental work done. Can I use it?

Hundreds of our customers are using WARPAINT without a problem, reporting that our product works great on dental work. It is the safest way to whiten and deeply clean. However, if concerned, try WARPAINT on a little spot first to make sure or check with your dentist. WARPAINT works especially well with extrinsic stains on teeth caused by food, drink, cigarettes. 

I am pregnant. Can I use it?

WARPAINT ingredients are all natural, some organic. In comparison with a regular toothpaste or a teeth whitening product which is full of chemicals WARPAINT is the safest alternative there is. Nevertheless, when pregnant, we recommend you consult your health professional, just for your peace of mind.

Can I use WARPAINT as my daily toothpaste? 

Yes. You can even mix with coconut oil into a paste.

Can I use an electric toothbrush?

Yes! Some customers like using separate heads as WARPAINT is pitch black and can discolour your bristles over time. 

Do I brush my teeth with normal toothpaste as well?

Some customers have replaced their normal toothpaste with WARPAINT altogether, some use it as their night routine and use a commercial toothpaste in the morning, to still have a stronger minty aftertaste, and some continue to use both. If you want to use both, we recommend using WARPAINT first, followed by your commercial toothpaste, this helps to get rid of any black bits that may be left between your teeth.