Why soda should stay in the fridge!!

  • By Angela Kyle

Why soda should stay in the fridge!!

Its well and good to say that soda sucks and you shouldn’t drink it, but lets be real what on earth are you going to mix your cheeky vodka with!

I’m begging you to consider your teeth, like literally every single sip your pearly whites are screaming for help and ultimately that beautiful smile wont be so beautiful anymore!

You might be thinking that my job is to whiten, so why on earth am I sharing this info! Well I just like to make my life easier and also make your life brighter!

When you consume soda, the sugars within the can enter your body and interact with bacteria in your month, which turns into acid. A single sip starts a vicious cycle that lasts for around 20 mins! So if you are one of those cheeky humans that sip on soft drink for hours, your teeth are literally under attack all dam day!

There are numerous effects of drinking soft drinks, however there are 2 that worry me the most: erosion and cavities. Erosion begins when the acid within the soft drinks encounter the tooth enamel, this in tern weakens the enamel and creates cavities.

Its been said that too much orange juice will effect your enamel, this is true however no where near as damaging. Soft drinks on the other hand have enough power to damage the next layer; dentin and even composite fillings. I’m truly not a fan of this type of damage! Cavities are yuck and not even I can fix that problem and we all know I’m pretty talented.

Am I sounding like your mum OPPS !! It’s just so hard not to when the whole soda drinking adventure is so uncool! Long and short what I’m trying to say is that if you want to have the dirtiest time and maximize results please try and layoff the drink.

Like come on help a man out, put down that can!




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Angela Kyle 

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