Smile- Your Doing Great!

  • By Angela Kyle

Smile- Your Doing Great!


Life’s about routine right? The daily grind on repeat! What would you say if I said that life isn’t really about the grind, but it’s about the moments? The moment you kiss your boyfriend in the rain, the moment you put your darling baby to asleep and the moment that you hop on a plane to travel the world. That’s life! However we get so caught up in the Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 pursuit of happiness that we end up working so incredibly hard to remain in a routine that will give us the satisfaction we crave!

Okay! I’m sounding like a party pooper that hates the idea of happiness, but seriously that’s not the case! Not the case at all! I just really believe that the idea of happiness and having to work so hard to be happy is an extremely dangerous idea that is creeping into society. It’s kinda like people fear any other feeling, like its unacceptable to feel worry, fear, emotion, sadness, joy or even disgust. But doesn’t the quotes go “after every storm there is a rainbow” and if this is the case shouldn’t we just embrace all types of feelings adequately.

So lets wipe the idea that happiness is the default position and strive for complete wholeness! A bad day a work, a bad week at work, both potentially could be contributing to your wholeness, so feel every part of it. I see my warriors working so hard to construct the idea of perfect, I just wish they would sit back and enjoy all the little moments of life, who cares if there not all perfect!

I am the cleverest teeth whitener you will ever know but I cant help with everything, so I’m asking that my babe towns love and care for themselves all day every day! No more running around a million miles an hour just so you can get everything done and achieve that sense of happiness. Happiness will find you babe, hang in there you working wonder. Your day is coming very soon.

Love always 



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