I love Bentonite Clay


WARPAINT Warriors know that when it comes to pearly whites, I like natural, I love health benefits and more importantly I really love simple. I strongly believe in hitting 2 birds with the 1 stone and this is why WARPAINT is not just a teeth whitener but also a jar packed with health superpowers.

I would literally be here for days on end if I explained every single ounce of my goodness; so today I’m going to have a chat about my fave element ‘Bentonite Clay’.

I bet you’ve never heard of it? But don’t worry I’m an expert in this department! As I said above I love simple and for that reason I have set up a FAQ! Super easy read!

What even is Bentonite Clay?

Firstly it’s a healing clay that is composed of ash made from volcanoes. Random right? It originated back in history as a traditional healing method that protected human bodies from disease. It has been reported that many traditional cultures consumed clay in many different ways and its popularity stemmed from the clay being readily available and required no modern processing. Hence why I love it, NATURAL NATURAL NATURAL.

How does Bentonite Clay work?

So everyday my WARPAINT Warriors are exposed to a range of different toxins and most of the time they come from common products like; paint, cleaning suppliers, vehicles and pesticides. Not to mention toxins that come from unhealthy, low quality processed foods. Bentonite clay is used to counteract and support your body to expel many of these toxin, while increasing immunity and reduce inflammation.

Surprising Benefit!

On top of being your bodies best friend, the clay also has a wealth of minerals including; calcium, silica, sodium, iron, magnesium, cooper and potassium. I’ve just named a few but believe me there is so many more!

Compelling superpower of Bentonite clay

OKAY! This is so cool!

The clay has the ability to stimulate a charge that is electrical in nature when it gets in contact with liquid. When the clay enters your body and touches any type of fluid it takes on a charge and is believed that it fixes to any present toxins within the fluid.

Just incase that didn’t make sense. You know when you’re baking muffins, maybe banana and chia seed flavor (talking about food makes me hungry). When you add milk to the ingredients, the chia seeds swell and soak up all the milk (fluid) around them this creates a gel like texture. Bentonite clay works exactly the same, it absorbs the fluid that it comes in contact with and expands to extract toxins from the liquid.


As you can see I love pearly whites but I’m also so extremely invested in promoting good health! YAY Bentonite Clay, you rock my world!!


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Angela Kyle 





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