Shout out to the warriors who made warriors. This mothers day we are chatting to the head pins daughter, Tara Muhlenbeck. Tara is the daughter of the one and only Petra Konig CEO of WARPAINT.

What did you get from your mumma?

I think I definitely inherited her view on life. We both know how to enjoy the little (and finer) things in life. We are both super positive people who make the most out of any situation and I think that’s such a valuable trait to have in order to live a long and happy life!

What’s one thing you’ll teach your kids, which your mumma taught you?

One thing she has always taught me from a young age is that anything is possible, no goal is too far out of reach, no dream is too big, you can be anything you want. That feeling of absolute support and encouragement has helped me grow into the woman I am today and I only hope that one day I can give my kids the same sense of love and confidence in reaching their dreams and aspirations as she did.

What feature did you get from your mum?

Well I often get referred to as her mini-me… So is it a cop-out if I say everything? I guess if I have to choose just one thing - I got her nose!

What’s something your mumma has, that you hope to also have?

One day I hope to have her deliciously insane masterchef cooking abilities. I remember looking in the fridge after school and being frustrated that we have no food cause I was ‘starving’… A few minutes later mum would whip up a delicious feast for us all. I am still confused with this sorcery!

One thing you want to tell her?

Mumma, thank you for being you, thank you for your love, generosity and support. I love you. Let’s go for lunch?


Happy Mothers Day 

Lots of Love 





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